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Napoli, kick racism: presented the team Afro Napoli United
12 Sep 2017 13:36Napoli, kick racism: presented the team Afro Napoli United

The football team, consisting of 11 players from Africa, Europe, South America and Asia, was presented at the Alberto Vallefuoco stadium in Mugnano, Naples. The white-greens will militate for 2017-2018 in the Promotion Championship (source: (the following article is in italian) Da Napoli un calcio al razzismo. Continua il progetto multietnico Afro-Napoli United che punta sullo sport per contrastare le discriminazioni. La squadra di calcio composta da 11 giocatori provenie [ ... ]

BRISWA Racism in Football - Survey
17 Aug 2017 12:08BRISWA Racism in Football - Survey

This study will collect data from people of all ages. Your participation involves filling out this questionnaire that examines the phenomenon of racism. It will take you approximately 10-12 minutes to complete the survey. Your participation is this study is voluntary. If you choose not to participate or to withdraw from the study at any time, there will be no penalty. The answers that you give will remain confidential and you will not be individually identified in any analysis of the results of [ ... ]