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Nowadays, almost during every match we witness situations that see certain players of a team as targets of racist insults or worse, and the recent happenings in Serbia, in the match between Partizan and RAD is just the last example of a long queue of such events. The BRISWA project is an EU-funded project (funded by the ERASMUS+ PROGRAMME - SPORT COLLABORATIVE PARTNERSHIP - GA 2016 - 3060) dealing with the problem of racism in football (and in Sports in general), trying to spread the message of equality among races, genders, religions etc. among football players, especially youngsters, and hence ultimately trying to “kick” racism out of all kind of courts, fields, stadiums and so on.

In order to achieve this, the project will try to reach the following objectives:

understand the current situation of racism in Europe and identify the main drivers for such a phenomenon

assess, through a sound scientific approach (System Dynamics Modeling & Simulation) aiming at identifying the most effective policies and strategies against racism, how racist acts can be mitigated and ultimately possibly eradicated from the sport culture

implement such strategies and policies by starting from the young people, who still do not have a strong social xenophobic bias and hence are most prone, especially in their early ages, to accept different people among themselves, especially when practicing games or sports

establish what are the skills (psychological, social, etc.) for a new fundamental figure in football teams (and sports teams at large) that will have the important role of early identification of racist drifts in he/his team and thus will ultimately have to put in place preventive and mitigation measures to stop such phenomenon as soon as possible

disseminate the spirit of equality and avoidance of racist acts throughout Europe, by trying to build a wide awareness in people of all ages (and especially in young children) through the project various channels (Social media, website, etc.) and also by means of focused sport events, training seminars, project meetings and public workshops/conferences ultimately addressing all kind of discrimination as a threat to the roots of sport itself.

The BRISWA project, infact,  aims at re-examining racism and discrimination in football, defining it in a more concise way and promote a more thorough and active approach against it. The BRISWA approach will try to address the issues in a more comprehensive way. The proposed approach is based on three pillars:

  1. Re-examining racism and defining it more concisely;
  2. Developing and testing policies to fight racism in football;
  3. Comprehensive anti-racism campaign;


Among the partners:

  • Academy Football Club (Italy),
  • University of Macedonia (Greece),
  • Youth Football Tournament doo (Serbia),
  • Debreceni Honved Sport Egyesulet (Hungary),
  • Associatia Club Sportiv COLTEA 1920
  • Brasov (Roumania),
  • Bulgarian Sport for All Association (Bulgary).


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Latest News

Italian Lega Nazionale Dilettanti signed Manifestation of Interest
08 Mar 2018 15:45

Even the Italian Lega Nazionale Dilettanti has signed the Manifestation of Interest. Another important choice by institutional bodies of football, which demonstrate once again the proximity and support of the BRISWA project!

5th Workshop in Brasov
06 Mar 2018 13:59

On 17 February 2018 in Aula of Transylvania University from Brașov took place the 5th
Briswa workshop within the project. After we participated in the other events organized by our
partners, came our turn to present the draft Briswa, "The Ball Rolls In The Same Way For All" to the people in Brasov. We enjoyed the presence of several personalities of Brasov, who joined the club Coltea 1920 and Briswa project in the fight against racism. - Mr. Mihai Costel - vice-mayor of Brașov [ ... ]