3nd BRISWA International Workshop, 27th September 2017 at 09:00, in University of Debrecen Campus in Böszörményi Road, together to #SetRacismOffside with the support of the European Commission.

Will attend at the event: Dr. Zoltán Szilvássy (Rector D University), Dr. Eng. Stefano Armenia (President of SYDIC and BRISWA Coordinator), Tibor Vámos (President HU F. F. Fair Play committee), Istvan Pisont (Exprofessional home and abroad player and Member of HU. F. F. Fair Play committee), Dr. Gibril Deen (President of the a Mahatma Gandhi Human Rights Organization), Laszló Fabian (Secretary General Olympic Champion), György Szöllősi (Chief editor of Nemzeti Sport, Sport journalist), and many others.

To partecipate at the event, reserve your seat (limited availability) and register to the event by sending your participation request at the following email address:
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.;
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Please clearly state in your email the following information:
• Name and Surname of each participant
• A contact email address and telephone number
• Your Institution

For more infohttp://www.briswa.eu/events/international-workshop/3rd-briswa-international-workshop.html


On 14/15 December in Thessaloniki - at university of Macedonia - there will be the fourth workshop of international BRISWA project - The Ball Rolls In The Same Way for All. In this couple of days will be possible discuss with all the compotents of the project, analyse the work done till today and finalise the points to improve in the next campaign. Furthermore will be discuss about modality and method of distribution to get as more as possible partner to our initiative.

During the meeting will be shown the actual results got with a focus on scientific and anthropologic studied that will be the basis to build new method useful to tackle racism in football world. Will be very important analyse every single existing situation in the joint country to draw up a general report and understand even the work needed in the media field cause is important be strong and believable in that field to expand our messages.

For this a crew of expert will be called to take in exam fact and single situations to let all the components be part of the project.

This is the program:
14th December 2017 15.00-18.00 - BRISWA Expert meeting

15th December 2017
9.30 - 16.00 - public event - 4th BRISWA International Workshop

To reserve a seat for the event and for more informations about how to reach the location follow the link below:


We would like to inform you that the sixth workshop of the international project BRISWA (The Ball Rolls In the Same Way for All) will take place on May 23th in Belgrado, at the University of Belgrade(Faculty of Sport and Physical education)) in Blagoja Parovica 156.

After the event that saw the project arrive in the Italian Serie A, promoting its initiatives with banners and a video made by a host of top players who gave their support to the project, BRISWA is coming Romania.

The workshop will illustrate the initiatives carried out by the project's various partners in recent months and will put teh spotlight on the presence of and the fight against racism in sport.
The International workshop start 23 May 2018 at 15.30 and finish around 18.00.

On 17 February 2018 in Aula of Transylvania University from Brașov took place the 5th
Briswa workshop within the project. After we participated in the other events organized by our
partners, came our turn to present the draft Briswa, "The Ball Rolls In The Same Way For All" to the people in Brasov. We enjoyed the presence of several personalities of Brasov, who joined the club Coltea 1920 and Briswa project in the fight against racism.

- Mr. Mihai Costel - vice-mayor of Brașov City
- Mr. Adrian Gabor - vice-chairman of Brașov County Council
- Mr. Florin Șari of Romanian Football Federation
- conf.univ.dr. Ioan Turcu - the Dean of the Faculty of Physical Education and Mountain
Sports of Transilvania University
- prof. Ion Negrilă - Superintendent of Schools in Brașov County
- Mr. Marian Ivan - former romanian international player, two times Romania’s
Championship top scorer (Briswa Ambassador in Brasov)
- Mr. Valentin Lazăr – former Dinamo Bucharest player (Briswa Amabassador in
- Mr. Ciprian Jurubescu – president of Colțea 1920 Brașov
- Mr. Alin Nițan - the organizer of the tournament "Let's Teach Football to our Children",
under the Briswa logo
- Mr. Simone Meloni - BRISWA Communication Officer
- Mr. Răzvan Țirea – well known sports journalist in Brasov(radio, TV, online and
newspaper), one of the most famous voices from Brasov and one of the men who
promoted always then fight against racism on stadiums and outside

Nowadays, almost during every match we witness situations that see certain players of a team as targets of racist insults or worse, and the recent happenings in Serbia, in the match between Partizan and RAD is just the last example of a long queue of such events. The BRISWA project is an EU-funded project (funded by the ERASMUS+ PROGRAMME - SPORT COLLABORATIVE PARTNERSHIP - GA 2016 - 3060) dealing with the problem of racism in football (and in Sports in general), trying to spread the message of equality among races, genders, religions etc. among football players, especially youngsters, and hence ultimately trying to “kick” racism out of all kind of courts, fields, stadiums and so on.

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