To promote a common sense of affiliation and sharing, according to the international project Briswa, the Ball Rolls In the Same Way for All. This is the first step to avoid racism.

The ball rolls for everybody equally. This initiative has been introduced on Wednesday at Monte Compatri (Rome), where it is the Academy football club: the team and other six partners, the support of the European Commission thanks to the program Erasmus+sport want to share a simple message: set racism offside.

"There are no differences on the field. From our sport center we look beyond. We have a purpose: not to build walls but to demolish them", Marco De Carolis, mayor of Monte Compatri, affirmed during his intervention.

To avoid any form of discrimination out and inside the stadium. A point at which we have to arrive with the university of Macedonia and associations from Serbia, Hungary, Bulgaria and Romania.

Stefano Armeni (Sydic) is the coordinator of the project. He explained: "putting together people, places and social context create a valid model for all to oppose racism."

According to Sergio Roticiani (Aiac Lazio): “football coaches are sensitive about the phenomenon. They agree not to build walls and barriers. The Uefa has been working for a long time to help growing a multicultural society”.

The President Andrea Augello said: “the Academy will spread the questionnaires prepared by the University of Macedonia to analyze the european context”.

The purpose will be: explaining why the ball rolls for everybody equally.

"An idea that it is born observing the football fields”, Camillo Carlini (Sydic) explained. “One day I saw a black boy playing football with an Italian child. I understood that it is possible to explain this message through a good communication that includes a web site and social media".

"In general, individuals who carry racist incidents does semplimente through a basic prejudice, ie without a real objective knowledge of reality that will affect a priori to know a whole. This is very often resulted from fear of diversity, the maintenance of one's convictions, through denial and escape from all that is not known. Furthermore - explained Aldo Grauso, sports psychologist and relational therapist - The current rules require companies to put in place all possible measures to prevent and avoid racist intollerenze both choirs with banners, said this is the opinion of the experts to protect society, which, despite having shown implement all the measures mentioned above come with the actual equally sanctioned sporting justice code to strict liability.

The game - said Aldo Grauso - has a vital part in the lives of children, especially the social, where they learn to be together. This is definitely a good therapeutic gym to help tuttti to live with their differences, he lived as a resource rather than a problem."

The project will last 18 months until June 2018. The first part of the job will be to assemble the study of the European literature about racism (from February to March 2017) and develop anonymous questionnaires for surveys to submit to the partners.

The data collection and the analysis will be edited by the University of Macedonia from april to august 2017. This will allow the development of a report disseminated to the relevant institutions and schools with an only common purpose: to put racism offside.