The Ute Cup BRISWA joined the project, which is an excellent opportunity to the people, be of any nationality, religion or age, become familiar with each other's cultures in other countries.

The purpose of the BRISWA to try football at different levels to prevent racist acts, from all the players sites.

The objectives of the project:

ü understand the current state of racism in Europe,

ü wants to create a more effective anti-racism policy and strategy,

ü starting to implement the strategy and policy of the young people who do not have strong social xenophobic bias, and therefore most prone, especially at an early age to accept a variety of people among themselves, especially if they come across while playing sports

ü extended to prevent racist incidents across Europe by trying to build an awareness of all ages (especially young children) through the project to reach them in different channels (social media, website, etc.), and concentrated sports events, training seminars, project meetings and using public participation in workshops / conferences.