On 17 February 2018 in Aula of Transylvania University from Brașov took place the 5th
Briswa workshop within the project. After we participated in the other events organized by our
partners, came our turn to present the draft Briswa, "The Ball Rolls In The Same Way For All" to the people in Brasov. We enjoyed the presence of several personalities of Brasov, who joined the club Coltea 1920 and Briswa project in the fight against racism.

- Mr. Mihai Costel - vice-mayor of Brașov City
- Mr. Adrian Gabor - vice-chairman of Brașov County Council
- Mr. Florin Șari of Romanian Football Federation
- conf.univ.dr. Ioan Turcu - the Dean of the Faculty of Physical Education and Mountain
Sports of Transilvania University
- prof. Ion Negrilă - Superintendent of Schools in Brașov County
- Mr. Marian Ivan - former romanian international player, two times Romania’s
Championship top scorer (Briswa Ambassador in Brasov)
- Mr. Valentin Lazăr – former Dinamo Bucharest player (Briswa Amabassador in
- Mr. Ciprian Jurubescu – president of Colțea 1920 Brașov
- Mr. Alin Nițan - the organizer of the tournament "Let's Teach Football to our Children",
under the Briswa logo
- Mr. Simone Meloni - BRISWA Communication Officer
- Mr. Răzvan Țirea – well known sports journalist in Brasov(radio, TV, online and
newspaper), one of the most famous voices from Brasov and one of the men who
promoted always then fight against racism on stadiums and outside