The first national conference on women’s football has been held in Argentina to exchange experiences and perspectives around women’s football to advance the sport in the country.


Despite the growing popularity of women’s football in Argentina, there is a significant discrepancy between men’s and women’s football. While Argentinian men’s domestic and international football is seen as a reference point worldwide, the women’s national team is currently out of the FIFA rankings for not playing an international match in over two years.

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A dribbling to the nightmare to become a bride child. In one of the poorest zones in India, a school teaches to the girls to play to football and to make team against the discrimination, thank's to Yuwa project.

(source: IoDonna; the following article is in italian)

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“FIGC is trying to give concrete answers to the phenomenon of the immigration, through the 'Project Net'. Because, as I tell to my daughters, it doesn't matter where we come from, but it is important only the future", says Fiona May, responsible of the Committee for the integration FIGC; during the workshop 'Europe, Kick and Refugees. Rules and experiences of social inclusion through the game', organized by Fare Network in Rome.

(source:; following article in italian)

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