Steaua Bucharest signs the manifestation of interest

Steaua Bucarest signs the manifestation of interest by joining the BRISWA project. For the occasion, a beautiful friendly match was made with Coltea Brasov in which t-shirts and banners related to our project were highlighted, underlining the continuity and importance that even the big European clubs give to the same.

Youth Futsal Tournament - Subotica Serbia (05.07.2018)

On the occasion of the Youth Futsal Tournement, held in Subotica (Serbia), all the participants entered the pitch with our t-shirts, showing at the center of the field the classic demonstration banner. The event has seen a great participation of spectators and has served to further spread the objective of our program

International Tournement Augello and Carlini Cup

From June 21st to 24th - at the Montecompatri Sporting Center - there were international football tournaments Memorial Augello (men's category) and Carlini Cup (women's category). The kermis participated in teams of international importance such as Atletico Madrid, Juventus, Inter, Paris Saint Germain, Turin, Rome, Lazio. During these four days BRISWA has been present with banners and T-shirts, also supported by the statements of the protagonists.

6th Workshop in Belgrade

The 6th BRISWA workshop took place in Belgrade, at the University of Belgrade - Faculty of Sports and physical Education. On the day of 23 May, various characters took turns at the conference hall, including important exponents of the Serbian football and basketball federation. 

5th BRISWA workshop in Brasov

The fifth BRISWA workshop took place in Brasov, at the University of Transylvania. On the day of 17 February, various characters took turns at the conference hall, including important exponents of the Romanian football federation and the municipality of Brasov. Award prizes and participation were also awarded to project partners, who illustrated the initiatives undertaken so far.

GMB Experts meeting in Rome

The GMB Experts meeting was held in Rome. Opportunity in which the different components of the BRISWA project have had the opportunity to exchange ideas and reports on the initiatives carried out so far, devoting ample attention to the situation in their countries of origin. Moreover, the experts have simulated the realization of some variables, due to existence of racism in the world of sport.

Briswa arrives in Serie A!

The eighteenth day of the Italian Serie A championship was marked by the descent into the field of BRISWA and its initiatives against racism.

Our banners have been displayed in all the pitches and screened videos made by many players. An event supported by the Serie A League to which the clubs have collaborated with great determination.

This initiative will allow us to create other similar days and brings the characters of the sports world closer to the BRISWA project. We take this opportunity to thank all the clubs and the Serie A League that has allowed us to make our goals known to thousands of Italians and more!

Great evening in Teramo for BRISWA

We want to thank the Teramo Calcio for giving voice to our initiative during the match against Mestre, for the third league league in Italy.

A great evening in which the values ​​of anti-racism and those of sportiness have merged, giving life to the initiative of BRISWA.

All the players of the two teams wore our shirts while in midfield our banner was displayed.

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