The work on social media started in February 2017, with semestral deadlines. The results obtained until today with social page, posts and videos’s views are considered organic views and without any sponsorship. Below it is possible to find processed charts and analyzes about the results achieved on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn on the first semestral dissemination activities of BRISWA project.




The work done so far is the right way to put a good basis for growth. How it is possible to note from the image below, see from the chart below, the "like" of the page have been steadily growing from the begining without a paid compaign. Furthermore the fans of the page are mostly Italian, though they also reach the Brazil and United states of American




On Twitter post for mainstream events suitable for our project has been created, to fit within a broader timeline and capture consequently a wider audience. One example was on 4 April with the anniversary of Martin Luther King's death or the

22th  May with the First Briswa International Workshop in Rome. If we compare the number of insights between the first two quarter, it is possible to notice that in the second quarter it increase a few thousand , highlighting an important improvement (figure below)







On Instagram, we found a good number of post views. Most of the interactions come from people outside BRISWA orlike facebook page, people connected to the Italian partner. Also on Instagram comparing the firts two quarter, we notice a slight increase of followers: