CS COLTEA 1920 BRASOV was founded for the first time in Brasov in 1920 as a subsidiary of the largest sports club in Romania, ahead of the 2nd World War, which owned several subsidiaries and it was disbanded in 1931.

CS COLTEA 1920 BRASOV had the biggest sporting performance from all the sport clubs from Romania and today the history goes on while in this moment CS COLTEA 1920 BRASOV still holds the largest sports performance in Brasov. The club was re-founded in 2015 by a young sports fan who wanted to bring back in Brasov the spirit of sports performance.

Today CS COLTEA 1920 BRASOV has 3 sports sections and more than 300 members. Between these three sections, football is leading the ranking with 12 teams and 280 members, athletics department with 15 members and swimming department with 12 members , coming with many ilusions in this project for the community of Brasov sport area.

The administrative department of CS 1920 COLTEA Brasov has presently five qualified employees who possess the ability to develop a strong structure in the near future.

As president, Mr. Ciprian Jurubescu have all the experience and abilities to develop a big and important association, because of his more than 10 years experience in top football clubs as: FC BRASOV and CORONA BRASOV, top division clubs in this city.

The Academy was founded on 2014 in its current form and it is located in Rome Italy. It is an academy that aims at teaching football and sports values to children and young players. Its vision is to develop athletes that will set the example for the sport at a European level and at the same time act as role models for the society.

The Academy has created a professional environment that attracts, retains and develps young players. Its programme is designed to encourage each young player to reach his/her full potential. Finally, the Academy is responsible for the organization of the "Memorial G. Augello" tournament that attracts football academies from the entire Europe and provides the opportunities to young players to meet new (football) cultures.

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The bulgarian sport for all association seeks to find the solution to the problems by means of setting out the following main tasks:



 Large-scale promotion of the healthy lifestyle through the regular practice of physical exercise and sport via the:

    Organization of events enabling those willing to do sport to do so, and giving opportunities for a pleasant and meaningful recreation and social integration of disadvantaged people, retired  people, various ethnic groups, etc.;

    Drafting and implementation of programmes at national level and assistance for the fulfillment of programmes at regional, local and target group level.


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The University of Macedonia was established in its current form in 1990 and is located in Thessaloniki, in Northern Greece. It is a State University under the responsibility of the Ministry of Education. It is a dynamic institution with four faculties consisting of eight undergraduate academic departments covering thirty graduate programs (Master Degrees) in disciplines with a high demand in the labour market. About 16.000 undergraduate and 2.000 graduate students attend courses in the University of Macedonia.


They key areas of interest are related to the fields of economics, administration, applied informatics and social and political sciences. The decision making bodies are the senate, the rector and the council.  The University of Macedonia employees 241 people as teaching and research staff of various academic levels and 187 technical and administrative employees. Also, the Research Committee employs a number o researcher and scientific staff during the implementation of research projects.

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From 2014 we are the Hungarian partner one of the most biggest Europian youth football tournament organisator. (Eurosportring.com) In13 different countries can feel the spirit of the international youth football tournament.

Besides Hungarian tournament organization we are also involved in arranging events in Italy, in Romania, and in Serbia. We also regulary transport soccer teams to Germany, Switzerland and Romania. Thanks to our extensive international relationships we have the chance to cooperate and work together with famous and recognized professionals.

All together with these people we organize conferences where we promote sport as an activity. At these occasions further developments are achieved in technical aspects.

According to international cooperation, DHSE can provide high level of professional programs. These are special, featured programs, international soccer events, but we also guarantee the high level of competitions in adult and youth team categories in other sports like basketball, volley ball or handball.

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The Italian Chapter of the System Dynamics Society (named as “Chapter” in the following) has been founded with the idea of being an Italian branch of the international System Dynamic Society (named as “Society”, in the following), with the goal of supporting all the activities carried out by the Society for the dissemination and promotion of the system thinking approach and the system dynamics methodology at a national level.

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Youth Football Tournament doo activities include:

  •  Organizing tournaments
  • Preparation of sports law in cooperation with the FSS
  • Correspondence between the state institutions and of sports activities
  • Support clubs (Fc Crvena Zvezda, Fc Partizan and others) in international sports competitions
  • Organization of international visits and scheduling matches
  • Organizing seminars
  •  Help young players in their careers
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