From 2014 we are the Hungarian partner one of the most biggest Europian youth football tournament organisator. ( In13 different countries can feel the spirit of the international youth football tournament.

Besides Hungarian tournament organization we are also involved in arranging events in Italy, in Romania, and in Serbia. We also regulary transport soccer teams to Germany, Switzerland and Romania. Thanks to our extensive international relationships we have the chance to cooperate and work together with famous and recognized professionals.

All together with these people we organize conferences where we promote sport as an activity. At these occasions further developments are achieved in technical aspects.

According to international cooperation, DHSE can provide high level of professional programs. These are special, featured programs, international soccer events, but we also guarantee the high level of competitions in adult and youth team categories in other sports like basketball, volley ball or handball.

Our aim is to give an enormous experience to associations, trainers just like to children. Besides exercising they also have the chance to meet different cultures. Any of us, who had the chance as a child to visit a foreign country may remember, what we would like to emphasize here! Not only the huge opportunity what kids can make happy, but also the fact that they can go for holiday to a foreign country, what is more, this time can be spent with team members and friends.

During this time spent on Events trainers and children meet new people, create new friendships regardless of language difficulties and trainers can share and change their knowledge and experience. We regularly make journeys for groups to all territories of Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Romania, Ukraine and Poland. For these groups we arrange everything: travelling, accommodation and catering. We always highly recommend visiting bigger cities, stadiums and associations which are crossing the plan of journey. These are always guided by a person who is provided by us.

Due to our international relationships our partners can make sure we offer high level of professional programs. Settings of our objective: making this sport even more interesting for youth generation and trainers by organizing international events. - Being informative about the real status of our skills comparing to other countries youth teams’ categories preparedness. - How our talented players can perform against a Milan, Barcelona, Juventus, Inter…etc team, on a foreign high leveled tournament. - Also important to create a friendly relationship between leaders of teams and players, get familiar with different cultures and gather new experiences.

Our company – DHSE - also undertakes: - several days long training- and club visiting to Italian clubs which has youth teams (Milan, Inter, Rome, Napoli, Genoa…ect) and after all setting up technical consultation for trainer, professional programs - Training camps in Italy and Switzerland (including training match) with each category (adult and youth team) individually and teams as well.

Our aim is to support and help sportsmen, associations and people who desperately work for sport. But overall, the most important is most that children get fond of sports, physical exercising and playing. We warmly dedicate our training camps to all those professional/amateur sport associations and clubs who decide to held their preparations-either in the summer or winter season- in a new and recharging atmosphere.

Our company search and introduce those places, where the preparation session can be as perfect and tranquil as possible. Due to our international relationships we arrange camps in Italy, Switzerland and number of other countries. Our further aim is that with our solutions, publications and useful information facilitate the clubs, its trainers, players’ development, improvement and also to promote them. When there is an international camp, foreign specialists are also involved and they assist the development of the event. With organizing sport camps we have another intention, namely that we would like to have more and more people who love sports which is a crucial part of healthy lifestyle. During the training camps we can make sure, that kids get more and more familiar with a given sport.

In these camps well trained and skilled educators teach the children and they carefully look after them. Between two training session short trips, outdoor activities and games can make more relaxing the time kids spend there.