Name and Surname: Ellis Cashmore

Role: Visiting professor of sociology

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Organization: Aston University

Nationality: UK



Ellis Cashmore is probably one of the first researchers to investigate racism in football: in the early 1980s, he conducted a study of the then emerging generation of black athletes who were overachieving not only in British football, but in athletics and boxing too. The research involved indepth interviews with black sportsmen and women and the resulting book (first published 1982) has recently been republished in the Routledge Revivalsseries. He has written books on David Beckham and Mike Tyson as well as the text Making Sense of Sports. Two of his most recent books on football are collaborative efforts Studying Football (with Kevin Dixon) and Football's Dark Side (with Jamie Cleland). He has worked at the universities of Hong Kong, Tampa, USA, and Aston, UK and tweets @elliscashmore


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