WP0 - Management and Coordination of the Project

The objective of this package is to support the project and the project consortium in succeeding its goals through strong coordination, continuous monitoring, assessment and reporting. It will last throughout the lifetime of the project. The main activities of WP0 are:

Activity 0.1 Setting up the Project Strategy Committee (PSC):

Activity 0.2 Planning of the project logistics:

Activity 0.3 Realization of the project’s final conference:


The main deliverables of WP0 are:

D0.1: Project Management plan; click here


D0.2: Report of the kick-off meeting; click here


D03: 6-month progress report; 

                   D03.01          Trimestral Report January - March 2017; 

                   D03.02        Trimestral Report April - June 2017; 


D0.4: 12-month progress report

                   D04.01        Trimestral Report July - September 2017; 

                   D04.02        Trimestral Report October - December 2017; 


D0.5: Final project report