WP1 - Racism in Europe: analysis and results

The objective of this Work Package is to analyse the literature in parallel with past cases, when racism was manifested in football games. From the study, indicators will be drawn that will offer insights on what are the circumstances and conditions that cause racism to be created and expressed in football events. The WP is scheduled to last from month 2 until month 11. To accomplish the package objective, the following activities are scheduled:

Activity 1.1 Studying of the Literature and past cases;

Activity 1.2 Database Construction;

Activity 1.3 Development and spread of the survey/questionnaire to the end-users;

Activity 1.4 Collection and Analysis of the Results:


The deliverables of the work package are:



Report on the literature and the studying of the past cases;   click here 


Survey/Questionnaire: The developed survey will also be made available in the project’s database;   


Report on the analysis of the results: The analysis and explanation of the collected information;