WP5 - Dissemination and Communication

The package aims to disseminate the objective and results of the BRISWA project and will culminate in the friendly games between young and MEBA teams. The package will last for the entire lifetime of the project. The activities of the package are:


Activity 4.1 Dissemination and Communication Plan definition;

Activity 4.2 Development and management of the online and social media presence ;

Activity 4.3 Dissemination of the Project and Development of Project materials;

Activity 4.4 International Workshop.


The deliverables of the work package are:


D4.1: Dissemination and communication plan; click here


D4.2.x: Six-monthly Dissemination Reports;


D4.3: Dissemination of the Project and Development of Project materials click here to go to the project materials webpage


D4.4.x: Workshop event reports;

  • Workshop in Rome, Italy (month 5)
  • Workshop in Sofia, Bulgaria (month 7)
  • Workshop in Debrecen, Hungary (month 9)
  • Workshop in Thessaloniki, Greece (month 12)
  • Workshop in Bucharest, Romania (month 14)
  • Workshop in Belgrade, Serbia (month 16)
  • Workshop in Rome, Italy (month 18)